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A best way to achieve something is to give your try till the end where end doesn't exist. It is not like that you will keep on trying till your death because at one point of time you will be able to achieve and understand that how to get your goal. You know when we start something new in our life , the main question we ask to ourself is how I am h?going to get it? whereas we should ask to ourself why not me? I heard this line on a famous show somewhere which was really inspiring. It was like this. If there is dark in a room and you keep on tapping on the switchboard without knowing that which button you are pressing then there must be a time come when you will hit the right switch. It simply says that keep on trying, don't give up.
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This is very good advice! I like the metaphor you used with the dark room, it's very profound. I think life is very similar to that...we're all just trying to figure out which buttons to press.