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Thankfully Marvel is all-new but not *too* different!

There are a lot of amazing things about Marvel's new lineup, and they've made a lot of positive changes (adding some much-needed diversity to their heroes and staff). But that doesn't mean they're abandoning what works.

Just a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist.

Tony Stark has upgraded his suit, he's got some new villains to take down, and lots of new faces in his universe. What's the same? His genius, his penchant for explosives, and his reputation as a ladykiller.
"My new armor. I finally found a way to merge all my different armor modes into one. Armor that can change shape and color scheme based on mission stats. Armor not attached to my biology in that way that freaks just about everybody out but is completely attached to my brain synapses. I have to take this out."
The synopsis for the series also indicate that one of the greater themes will be Tony's missing biological parents, which is probably a little different from what fans are used to.

Who's caught up on this one?

It came out on the 7th so we've all had a little time to sit with it. Did any of you pick this up or is everyone sticking to the movies for now?
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Thank you @DarthRevan
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You are welcome @AlishiaDavis
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@AlishiaDavis take care! I'll be thinking of you too <3
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@shannonl5 and @DarthRevan thank you both <3
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<3 you are very welcome @AlishiaDavis <3
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