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Or are you the kind of person that likes to have their cake and eat it too?

Personally, I think I'm one of those. The comics are fantastic, and so are the movies (well, most of the time). I like to take each on their own merit. That being said, the budget for the films is much bigger, and there's usually a huge team working on them. Which could be both a pro and a con, as we saw with this summer's Fantastic Fail.

What's your preference?

I like both. I like to see heroes in action in the movies while also seeing the depth of the characters stories in the comics. But most of all, I love seeing the new storylines that come from things like the newer movies. I love seeing a new side to my favorite characters (like the flash, guardians of the galaxy, or the new Spider-Man movies.). Seeing the new ideas people come up with in either movie comic or both is just awesome.
both? both. both is good ^-^
@kuzuri96 I had the same experience! I wasn't a huge fan of Cap but I feel like it was because I didn't understand the character until Civil War. I assumed he was this symbol of patriotism and then he spent the whole movie kind of rejecting that haha
I honestly like the comics because you get to see into the mind of the writer.
For iron man I love both green LANTER ummmmm Deadpool -"Don't make my suit animated" 馃槀
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