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Is this meant to be a filler episode?!

15 minutes in and all I've gotten is a flashback and Lee Hyun moodily walking in his garden...
and then there is a 5 minute scene of a guy with an out-of-control garden hose spraying Hyun and then they both empty all their pockets only to discover that they have really weird things in their pockets...


And the guy - no surprises here - turns out to be totally creepy. He makes him change shirts at his house even though Hyun has a perfectly fine house right there AND he cuts off the shirts tag with a scalpel!?

I'm thinking serial killer, right?!

Back with the police, Hyun's little stunt of sending the drug dealer to jail in China cost Ji-an her job. She's been transferred to the civil department and can't work on her case - luckily her team is awesome (I'm really falling in love with these guys) and lets her help when she can (and hides her from the boss!)

Then the episode starts getting good, 30 minutes in...

A lovable old man from Hyun's past calls him to tell him he has info on Junyoung...but 15 minutes before Hyun arrives at the house the old man is STABBED BY AN INTRUDER.


All we find out is that the guy who stabbed the sweet old man wears a lot of black and likes to jump out of windows.
And since Hyun did the right thing and called the ambulance, now the police think that he is the murderer. GREAT JOB GUYS.

But then, like a babe, Hyun seeks refuge at Ji-an's house.

They return to the crime scene together to look for clues but the episode ends with them possibly getting caught by the OTHER police officers!

So, definitely a filler episode but if it's building tension I can deal with it ;)
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@Kamiamon @KpopGaby I'm going to pretend I didn't read that LOL
Sowwy if I spoiled A LOT lol! I got so excited and I felt frustrated as I kept reading this LOL!
@KpopGaby honestly i could have guessed it myself no worries hhahhahahah
I just knew the docter that lives next door to hyun was strange and now I know why, even when he start spaying Hyundai I just knew he was strange