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A. You think korean actors are hot. B. You think korean actress are pretty C. Think the story is great. D.You want to learn korea, What is it guys?? for me its all of the above haha :D
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All the above
D, but most likely just to watch something different but kdramas is more interesting to watch than American dramas. And for the Korean actor and actress.
honestly C and A. I really like some of the stories and the way the actors bring out the character. I like learning new languages so D as well I guess. I kinda like the way korean words sound
C. I watch the romance ones because they are silly, I like the cartoons and the cheesy music. Not so much because they are "hawts" and so "pretties", I find a lot of TV people hot but I don't watch the show. Like Ben Feldman on A to Z. I don't think a drama or soap op is an accurate depiction of a country though. That is just me.
for the sake of lee min ho