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So serious with studying the script for Queen In Hyun's Man. Well, It is the first drama that JHW chose by himself and also the first drama for YIN as leading role. Both of them must really work hard on it and also enjoys it so much. I guess your hardwork are paid cos we love your drama so much ^_^
yeaah.. he is so cool in accoustic...
@nufazhou indeed, very much in love when he playing guitar (especially the acoustic one), I haven't watched it, yet, but surely i will
yes he played guitar so weeeell.... its so nice to see another side of him! oouuuh, have you watch attack at the gas station 2? i think he did a good job at there...
thousand kisses i guess. it's a looong drama. but this one, same with you, made me want to seeeeee him even more :p
i liked him in Thousand something, ( sorry... can't recall) but that show was a bit tooooooooooo tiresome for me that i had to quit. ONLY this show made me sit up and said, YES ...... i want to see more of him.
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