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Meet New Puerto Rican Superhero LAK6

LAK6 is the first ever Puerto Rican superhero to appear in DMC Comics. And she's kickin' major butt!

DMC Comics is a independent comic book imprint created by Darryl "DMC" Daniels.
The announcement for her character was made at this year's New York Comic Con. The editor-in-chief for LAK6, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez of DMC Comics, stated he wanted to create a superheroine that children can relate to.
The superheroine's real name is Leticia Lebron and goes by the name LAK6. She first appeared as a graffiti artist in DMC #1, but her story was not yet developed. The creator of LAK6 wanted to create a crime-fighting, 13-year-old superheroine in middle school. LAK6's story takes place in New York City, during the 1980s. She also specializes in wing chun -- a Chinese, martial arts style.

Ah! I am loving this already!

The idea for the teen superhero was actually inspired by artist Lady Pink as well as Iris Morales, a member of the Young Lords activist group.

“We wanted to go with a look that wasn’t over sexualized or a mockery, but something that was just dope,” Miranda-Rodriguez said.

This is definitely dope!!!!
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I think it has great potential. Keep it up and maybe it can becone what you want it to be.
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Oh, I didn't make this comic @JustinMim21 ..if that's what you meant. I'm confused haha :-/
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@alywoah yeah it's what i meant but it still would be great
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this is soon dope
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