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Thank you for this challenge @amobigbang it was really difficult but here it is! For this challenge I'm tagging @electica @kenjutsu101 @TylerFarris @KZillion @ladygdragon @deadmen0205 @kuzuri96 @Namrow and @3awl ^_^ If you've never been tagged in a challenge before, it means you get to make a card with your own Naughty Crew! (If you've never made a card before, check out this guide).

The rules:

Pick only 6 villains
tag me and @amobigbang in the card
tag other amigos too :)
Here's my naughty crew!

Harley Quinn

Because she'd probably be down to call her girlfriend Poison Ivy in a pinch- it's like having two villains for the price of one on the team! Plus Harley is serious business. Jk! She's a laugh and a half.


Obviously the brains of the operation. Everybody needs at least one devious shape-shifter on their squad, right?


To be honest, this villain has always scared the crud out of me. Which is why I want him on my side!

Madame Masque

Mostly because I'm REALLY EXCITED to see her on Agent Carter next season! She's also such a weird villain. I definitely get a Phantom of the Opera vibe from her!


Because he's... um. Evil. Yeah. Definitely not because I have a weird Thing for Frank Grillo. (Okay I do, he's a very charismatic actor, what can I say?)
@ChiefAlphaGoat I had some DC picks too lol but I thought it was all marvel
Whaaat? DC was an option? Haha
@kuzuri96 he still terrifies me haha @amobigbang thank you ^_^
I thought of Bane but didn't pick him in the end, lol
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