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How Do You Pick Your Favorite Hero?

It's not something you can eeny-meeny for...

We're all really passionate about our heroes here, but we haven't really discussed how we choose who our favorites are. It's really difficult! There are so many really great ones from both Marvel and DC (not to mention the other comic book publishers out there). How do we choose?

Is it someone you look up to?

Someone you grew up with?

Or is it the hero that gives you hope for the future?

It's honestly so difficult. I'm pretty sure I give a different answer every time someone asks me. Or I end up just spouting off a list of superheroes and sidekicks and related characters. What about you all?
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I hate commenting with my phone....
2 years ago·Reply
@FernandoGarza oooh yeah the villains are really important!!!! Haha and same sometimes I wait until I'm at my computer and can comment with a real keyboard lol
2 years ago·Reply
I am a huge fan of Superman and DC. Coz I grew up mostly with DC and WB. Every super hero has its uniqueness. But in the end everyone does good for the world. When I watch superman cartoons it helps me feel good and gives me hope thinking evrything will just be fine when I m having bad days. I think I have got used for it now and I personally believe that everyone should have a hero in there life to help them when they feel that there's no hope even after trying.
2 years ago·Reply
I pick by the struggles I can relate too. I remember being younger and weaker. Like captain america. But puberty hit and I'm a 196 pounds of Muscle and America!
2 years ago·Reply
@Raadhiyah I agree, someone to look up to and give you hope for the future is very important @JesseVindel that's awesome! Always gotta stand up for the little guy :D
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