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It's not something you can eeny-meeny for...

We're all really passionate about our heroes here, but we haven't really discussed how we choose who our favorites are. It's really difficult! There are so many really great ones from both Marvel and DC (not to mention the other comic book publishers out there). How do we choose?

Is it someone you look up to?

Someone you grew up with?

Or is it the hero that gives you hope for the future?

It's honestly so difficult. I'm pretty sure I give a different answer every time someone asks me. Or I end up just spouting off a list of superheroes and sidekicks and related characters. What about you all?
you just pick one every month lol
I decide by character(character meaning like personality) and backstory
I think it is someone that you can connect to on a deeply meaningful/emotional level. I love Captain America because he's a true hero - a man without fear for his own life - he'd willingly give his life to save the life of a complete stranger. He's a man of unwavering integrity. But in truth the world isn't black and white - neither are the choices we face in navigating through the world around us in our own lives. I can relate to Tony Stark - driven by the obsession to be better than everyone around him to prove to himself that the absent love and affection of his father is less painful - time and time again Tony will take on the impossible to try and show to himself that his father was wrong to never love him; blinded by his own insecurities he elevates himself while also making tragic choices which come at a great cost to himself and those he cares most about. Bruce Banner is the man who is so caring, gentle, and loving; yet he fights his darker side in a literal and inescapable manner; he is the embodiment of the classic Greek Tragic Hero and a literal representation of the archetype story conflict of "man vs himself". His dark side is primal, rage-filled, destructive, deadly, and unstoppable. His good side is truly gentle and he's afraid to allow himself to be loved or to connect with the very humanity that is the core of his goodness. I think that the creators of these characters and their subsequent writers - the chroniclers of their journeys were so wise to embody each with very real, human, weaknesses and failing. This makes each in their own unique way a character that we can relate to as real people. It's the forge that emotional investment is born from. As for myself - I've only listed 3 of countless superheroes that I can relate to and why... If not because the things I described above are an integral part of who I am; but in the case of Steve Rogers - perhaps they represent the things I hope to aspire to. Regardless; the days when people disregarded "comics" as thoughtless, shallow, escapism or fantasy are numbered. There's real storytelling and art to comics. There's real subject matter that is relevant and meaningful. And I'm happy to say that the terms "comic nerd" and "comic geek" have come to mean something good and positive instead of something shameful. Keep rocking this community @shannonl5 - I personally think you are doing an amazing job bringing quality content to this community to ponder and discuss.
@LuisDavila lol that's one way of doing it
my favorite hero is batman, is he the strongest ? of course not! but that's whom I've always liked, I've been saying I'm the night for a little bit now lol even had a batman birthday cake... and I don't remember how I started this . I also like thor, but that was only after it was played in a movie.
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