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As @byeolbit kindly (evilly) reminded us today (here) VIXX is due to have a comeback in a few weeks.


That means teasers and new hair and new sounds and new everything and I'm not ready.

The only thing keeping me going is thoughts about their concept....what will they choose?!

1. Space

Sure, they were dancing on the moon in On and On, but I want a full-on "Zenon Girl of the 21st Century" style futuristic space rock band. Is that too much to ask!? Probably.

2. Mission Impossible

Come on - they'd be great spies. The more I think about it the more I want this to be a thing. VIXX doing mission impossible stuff, or better yet - 21 Jump Street stuff ;D

3. Anything trippy and Tim-Burton style

Knowing VIXX and how they like to keep it dark - I'm hoping for a creepy but somehow charming concept that only Tim Burton can do. Hey, maybe he'll direct it (lol)
Whatever happens I'm sure we're going to get a drama version even longer than the Error music video.

We're in big, big trouble Starlights.

Let's get through this together!

What kind of concept are you hoping for?!

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A mission impossible theme would be cool, but I think they do dark concepts the best ♥
I'm for the Tim Burtonesque dark concept :33
im seriously hoping for something trippy and tim Burton style...<3
Something between Voodoo Doll and Error hopefully!
I'm not ready hahaa