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Mersch is a commune and town in central Luxembourg, capital of the canton of Mersch. It is situated at the confluence of the rivers Alzette, Mamer and Eisch. Mersch is the home of the National Literature Centre, Luxembourg's national literary archive. 
Mersch Castle is one of the castles belonging to the Valley of the Seven Castles. Located in the centre of the town, its history goes back to the 13th century. Today the castle houses the administrative offices of the local commune.
When I was in Mersch, it was again an accidently visit to this small, but enchanting town. There is not a lot going on there, but that is why it is so amazing. If you travel Luxembourg, Mersch is often a stop, while changing trains or buses, and if you have time, explore it. You only need a couple of hours to take a stroll through the city, have a coffee or lunch and it makes a perfect experiences. The locals there are really nice and usually happy to see some tourists, crossing their town. Mersch is just another lovely town in Luxembourg. And I think you could never go wrong, anywhere in Luxembourg.
great choice in my opinion. 👍
I actually had a buddy in grade school who moved with his family to luxembourg when he was young. still there as far as I know