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So if you saw last night episode of The Walking Dead, then you must be feeling lost, confused, sad, angry.... PISSED... Especially towards, the producers. If you didn't. Don't continue to read. Spoiler alert!!! One of the original cast members Glenn was killed off last night. By far Glenn is one of my favorite members. Seeing him grow up the way he did on the show, I love him. He began the show as a runner. Running into town for supplies, doing the errands for every one else. The first season he was almost killed during one of his runs, just to get a pregnancy test for Lori. As the seasons went by, he grew up to be a leader. He's strong, confident, loving. He's also the type to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Gave people second chances. If you listened carefully, it's almost as he said farewell to Rick. The first time he spoke to Rick was over a radio and Glenn called Rick a "Dumbass". The last time he spoke to Rick, again was over the radio and he, again, called him a "Dumbass".
I'm very confused... I don't want to believe he's dead. So I'm coming up with reason to believe he's not. For instance... 1-During Talking Dead, Steven Yeun (Glenn) was not a guest on the show. -all cast members that die, end up on that show and on the couch. 2-During Talking Dead, Glenn was not mentioned during the memorium. -if you seen Talking Dead then you know every walker, or person that dies is credited on the memorium. 3-Finally. In the comic books, Glenn is killed brutally with a spike bat. So I ask you my Walking Dead fans... IS GLENN DEAD? Or was that Nicholas' body that the walkers was eating?
I'm still believing that he's not dead
@TessStevens do u watch this show?