When you're awake, IT'S awake. Anxiety can be difficult to combat because it takes little jabs of self-doubt and self-awareness at your consciousness all day long. Taking these hits can wear you down, both mentally and emotionally. Sometimes, I can be so sure of myself or so ready to take on the world, but that anxiety creeps in and renders me mute and/or immobile. It can be as frustrating as it is debilitating.
So, when someone recognizes your struggle and compliments how on well you are doing, hold on to that, focus on their words, let their words be your positive inner voice for the rest of the day. Passing becomes just a little bit easier when you can shut down the negativity swirling around in your head, if only for a little while.
that's pretty much me. sucks when all that is going through your head in just a few seconds on repeat
I have Panic Disorder, GAD and Clinical Depression. I'm a bag of fun! lol I wrote a bit about it here: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1000004-Coming-Clean-Living-With-Anxiety
Oh, sorry...anxiety disorder.
ok are we talking having anxiety or being anxious. and actually having it.
I understand this so hard! I've had anxiety forever. I've been meditating though, it's really helped. :/