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There will come a time, if there hasn't already where a large community will form on vingle with furry fandom users. Don't think of this as an utterly bad thing as we aren't like the above and trying to convert you or anything.
Think of a community forming as an outpost with which we can connect to more and more people via another app. Sure we have iFunny, and other apps and websites but some people would just like to stay connected. Ya know? Connected like Tetris.
So I know, in time I will get torrents and absolute waves of hate just by being a furry myself, but don't think if me not replying as me not caring... think of it as me not willing to care what trolls and poorly misguided people think here on the internet or in general.
@QueenSkitz well, Don't be. we can start one up. You and another I know besides myself are Furry's that's 3 right? :D
@QueenSkitz I made a new card about furries in h8rb8
@BurningSnoMan I made a request now we wait....hopefully they listen.
i want a furry community. Im surprised and upset there isnt one