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Ive been learning for awhile now and I think I do pretty good on my own but It would be nice to have friends to learn with and talk to and share pur love for all things Korea. I just want to start a group and help others who are struggling, it will be a fun group. If you think its a good idea, let me know via message or comment. thank you so much
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please include me in the group~~ im niiokii in kkt
2 years ago·Reply
Yes please add me in the group! I'm PeytonCarter on kkt
2 years ago·Reply
Can I please join???? I'm Kassandraparis on kkt
2 years ago·Reply
Add me please! I am in two Korean clubs in college and they are such kind and fun people... Add me on kakao! Abrekazam
2 years ago·Reply
add me please! SkylarSong96
2 years ago·Reply