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Hey guys! It's been a while!
So I just wanted to check in on how my health journey is going... I did get those two runs in last week that I was talking about doing (just barely – the second one was Sunday night). But I didn't get a chance to do the research I wanted to do.
So in the spirit of minor victories and minor failures, I will set the same goals this week – upping the runs to 3 this week, and the same research goals!
So, to reiterate, this week I will:
+ Go for a jog 3 times, at least 25 minutes each
+ Research body image/feeling comfortable in your own skin, and cultural perceptions of health.
Whatever your health goals are this week – WE CAN DO IT!!! :D
Yay yes we can! Here are my goals for this week: No alcohol, no fast food, drinking alot of water, staying away from junk food :)
AWESOME! You can do it @alywoah!! Great goals :))) But tell me, girl – does that no alcohol rule extend through the weekend, or...? ;)
NO ALCOHOL? Really? I'll be interested to hear about this next week haha.
I am trying out this new workout program called Freeletics! My goal for the week is to do at least four Freeletics workout (I've done one today) and no alcohol for at least one day...?
I already ruined my goal lol