Yaaas!!!!! She couldn't be more right. SHINee sincerely loves us Shawols and that's why we always support them anyway we can!
They always put out their heart and soul into their music so that's why is so beautiful! An Ode To You gets me every time.
Key is my bias but damn sometimes everyone just brings out their sexy side and personality that makes you say ohhh.... wait a minute..... Taemin..... why you giving me this feels.... why you so dangerous..... noooooo. Not to forget Onew's voice and personality. or Jonghyun goofy and serious self. Lets not forget about Minho. He is just one beautiful creation of God. They are so talented which makes you love them all and makes it hard to pick just one bias.
Once again Onew's voice is like an angel. Jonghyun high notes and vicals are off the chart. Minho and Key raps. Taemin Vocals and dance movement. Combine all of those together you get a mind-blowing world of vocals from such talented people.
yeeeeee~ SHINee never lets me down. Their songs always make me smile even when I'm having a hard time. They will always be there for me to cheer me up
They always wear crazy and amazing outfits!!!!!! Like in Everybody, they look so drowling sexy in those suits i could take my eyes off of them. Not to mention their amazing outfits from Married To The Music.
so what's your opinion about SHINee!!!!!
SHINee is a gift from God. They're just... ;A; I don't know many people that really hate on them, or at least not anyone that can say it and mean it. There's just something really special about them. SM got lucky/blessed with them. xD
Love them and there music they are like the cutest sweetest guys ever!