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Lucy Heartfilia♌
Lucy is the tenth strongest wizard in Fairy Tail. With the amazing 10 gold keys she possesses and and not to mention the Urano Metria spell she uses Lucy has some serious power. Lucy during the year gap after the Tartaros arc. she also learned how to star dress. She calls upon a spirit and changes her outfit according to the spirit and with the outfit comes some of the powers from the spirit she summons making her able to fight alongside her spirit. The first time we got to witness her star dressing in the anime was when she broke Aquarius's key and received the rest of Aquarius's power. She might be another cute face but for these badass reasons Lucy is the 10th strongest wizard in Fairy Tail.
Lucy's ten gold key Spirits: Gate of the Lion: Leo Gate of the Maiden: Virgo Gate of the Twins: Gemini Gate of the Ram: Aries Gate of the Archer: Sagittarius Gate of the Golden bull: Taurus Gate of the Giant Crab: Cancer Gate of the Goat: Capricorn Gate of the Scorpion: Scorpio Gate of the Water Bearer: Aquarius
Aquarius was the very first celestial spirit we meet in the series and even though she was mean and always teasing Lucy I really liked Aquarius and honestly cried like a baby when I saw this episode especially because I know Aquarius was much more to Lucy than just her first friend to me I felt that Lucy alsmot loved Aquarius like a second mother taking care of her when she was young and being there for Lucy more than anyone else so to see them cry and Lucy not being able to see her anymore broke my heart. This is what made Lucy stronger in the future and she will continue to grow and I can't wait to see that.
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I totally agree with u on this I mean when she first got to Fairy Tail she wasnt that strong but then she started to get stronger due to Natsu. Plus Erza and gray. I was sad on what happened to Aquarius but thanks to that Lucy was able to get more powerful I think so I totally agree on the tenth strongest wizard of Fairy Tail.
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