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Empire Magazine released a new cover on the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. And there's a whole mess of Joker goodness inside.
Let's start with Leto's cover style for Empire. He's got on an exotic purple jacket that appears to be high end on price. But you can also see he's wearing a pair of sweatpants and no shoes. He wields a purple cane...'wonder what he's gonna do with that'... which shows off a sense of prestige and poise, but we all know the Joker is anything but. In all cases, I love his high end fashion look with the informal taste of grunge. I definitely can't wait to see this movie.
The next few photos shows The Joker talking to the psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel, or soon to be The Joker's right hand 'slapstick' partner, Harley Quinn. He seems to be in a straight jacket and looks so morbidly creepy in the images while Harleen appears angelic in a sense. I wonder if she was creeped out when they shot this scene.
This last picture just goes to show the difference in both Joker's styles. We love Heath Ledger and his take on Nolan's Joker. He was The Joker the people deserved. But as the meme states, we have to embrace the future too. I for one was and still is on board with a whole new rendition of the Joker. I knew the industry wasn't dumb enough to recreate the same Joker. To also have one of my favorite musicians play as the character, I was all in. These images just go to show the dedication Jared Leto put into his craft, even though I highly despise the method acting route. I know he'll be 'killer' in his new role.
I'm a big Batman fan and Joker...I'm biased toward Joker and Harley as far as criminals go for some reason. I'm really looking forward to seeing Suicide Squad! ;3;
This is awesome. I'm really glad I saw this. The new look is going to make a huge difference in the way people see the character too.
@TessStevens most definitely. Yeah you can never really replace legends (Heath Ledger, Michael Keaton, etc), but one thing DC knows, is that it's possible to recreate a great character because batman and the joker will never die. :)