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HI!! I'm new here. →STARLIGHT Ravi bias →ARMY Jimin bias →iKONIC B.I. and Ju-ne bias →B2UTY Gikwang bias →RED VELVET Seulgi bias →JJY BAND
anyways I have a Red Velvet cover group all the way to Philippines that's why I'm wearing such maid outfit ( Dumb Dumb ) he he so yea~
hoping to gain kpop friends in hereee let's spread the love kpoppers from all over the world!
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My bias is also Seulgi from RV ^_^
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oh hi @KpopGaby nice to meet you! 。^‿^。
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@neonhamskittie nice to meet you too and welcome ^_^ I hope you enjoy it here!
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thank you @KpopGaby yes I will surely enjoy! 😁
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