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Yoo Ah In expresses how he feels about working with Kim Tae Hee in a drama together. March 4, Yoo Ah In finally returned to the TV screen by appearing in the SBS drama "Jang Ok Jung, Lives for Love." During an interview with Yoo Ah In at the location of his photo shoot for his endorsement deal with Jack & Jill, he stated, "The drama 'Jang Ok Jung' will be a historical drama that contains a lot of romance." Yoo Ah In continued, "The storyline will be very different from other dramas about Jang Ok Jung. Most dramas in the past concentrated on the issues Jang Ok Jung faced as a woman in power trying to keep her status. This drama however, will focus on the meeting of Jang Ok Jugn and Sok Jong and how their love blooms. Their love story will be featured from the beginning until the day it ends." Yoo Ah In also spoke of his excitement working with his co-star actress Kim Tae Hee. History tells us that Sok Jong is 6 years younger than Jang Ok Jung. In reality, Kim Tae Hee is 6 years younger than Yoo Ah In as well. Yoo Ah In added, "I have heard that Kim Tae Hee is preparing a lot for this drama." He was also very excited about his character Sok Jong. In the original drama, Sok Jong was never really portrayed as a significant character compared to Jang Hee Bin. This drama will feature the detailed role of Sok Jong. Yoo Ah In concluded that the drama will feature Sok Jogn deathly in love with Jang Ok Jung and as well as a different side of Sok Jung who leads Jang Hee Bin to death.