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I haven't shared my addiction for Elie Saab in a while. I just didn't feel it was right to wallpaper the Weddings Community with JUST ELIE SAAB!
One look at this dress and it gave me the biggest gold rush! It sent chills down my spine and had me shouting YES! YES! YES! on the inside.
If you know Elie Saab and keep up with his stunning creations, then you probably already saw this from his SS16 Collection earlier this year. However, whether you did or didn't see it, it's best everyone take a look at it now. Fall is here, gold is popping up everywhere in retail stores, you need to get a dress that is utterly magnificent for your wedding. THIS IS THE DRESS. At the very least, Saab is your designer!
I also want to point out that Saab is an excellent choice for moms out there who happen to have sons and daughters getting married. Don't resort to pant suits from the 90s and boleros from the 80s. Make a statement of beauty and style. Wear Elie Saab.
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