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Kpopers, and Kdrama addicts!!!
I need you guys to recommend me a good drama! *I love things like _Citty Hunter_Bridal Mask_Healer_Inspiring Generation_ *I dislike cheesy and boring dramas like _The birth of the beauty_Playful Kiss_Orange Marmalade_High School love on_Pinnochio_ *I love super romantic stuff like _I hear your voice_The Heirs_Love Rain_Master's Sun_Padam Padam_My love from the stars_It's okay that's love_Yong Pal_Winter Sonata_ *I like sad stories too _I'm sorry I love you_Doctor Stranger__School 2013_ *Or cute and funny stories _Good Doctor_Emergency Couple_Goong_Oh my ghostes_ (Can't even spell the names properly lol) Help!!!!!!!!! ;(
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how about the master's sun?
2 years ago·Reply
@WiviDemol i watched that one XD
2 years ago·Reply
watch kill me heal me and the girl who sees smell!!!
2 years ago·Reply
You should watch shut up lets go aka shut up flower boy band. It's really sad I cried.
a year ago·Reply