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What's your Favorite Anime?
For me it has to be Death Note. Death Note is (in my mind) a Crime-Supernatural Anime. I tend to be a big fan of any shows like this. I also think like Light Yagami where I do believe that some certain people need to be "taken care of" in this world. I think (and I'm sure I speak for more people than myself) when I say that if I had the opportunity to obtain the death note and use it, I would in an instant. What about you? what's your favorite anime? do you a free with my choice? let me and everyone else know I'm the Comments below!
Mine is DBZ lol
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fullmetal alchemist psycho pass and akame ga kill I can't choose between them
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I like Death Note, but I'm on L's side. While a crime-free world would be nice, it's an ideal that cannot - and should not - be realized. Killing people definitely isn't the way to achieve utopia.
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