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Lay leaving Exo?
Alrighty. I know I am going to get judged by this article but I am putting out my opinion and ofcourse make a couple comments. If you get hurt by what i say i honestly don't care. Its MY OPINION! Read if you want. And if not then keep scrolling. For some reason alot of speculations are going around with the nasty rumors of Lay leaving Exo. And well some of the fans started lashing out? The funny thing is that some of you so called "Exo-L's" are already cursing him out and making really rude post about him. Heres the thing. If you really cared or really are a caring and loving fan you would SUPPORT him reguardless if he leaves or not! Kris, Luhan and Tao left and they still have success. I'm just curious whether the rumors are true that Lay is also leaving. If he is then okay thats fine Exo will still be great. And if he doesnt thats also great too. My point is why the hell are you little immature imbeciles already lashing out when you DONT EVEN KNOW IF HE REALLY IS LEAVING! Instead of lashing out at Lay focus on whats good for Exo. Its not like the chinese members are getting treated equally then the korean members. Lay is really busy and i know theres a reason why he wont attend the tour in Japan. He is filming a movie and got put on hold. And i know he has other projects to do too. He's not superman! So if he leaves or stays i will keep supporting Lay just like i support the former Exo members Kris, Luhan, and Tao.
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