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What is the proper way to wear leggings?
Leggings as pants has been a open debate for quite sometime now. Many swing on both sides of the fence, but few have put their feelings on wax, until now.
Enter Jamie Higdon-Randolph, who released a hilarious video on the proper way to wear leggings.
While Higdon is "team leggings," she says the proper usage of leggings has spread a lot of negative vibes about the clothing item. Randolph sets the record straight, stating under no circumstances should leggings be worn as pants.
"You can dress ’em up, you can dress ’em down, you can look like a frat girl, or you can look pretty classy in ’em — depending on what you choose to pair with them. [sighs] This morning while tryin’ on my leggings, I couldn’t find my normal leggings, so I had to borrow Mackenzie’s for a hot minute. And I’m like, “Whoops! Mmm nmm. That ain’t gonna work.” So I’m headed to the store right now to get me some other leggings. This is why I’m making this video. Some of you people like to use leggings as britches — as pants pants. That ain’t how they’re supposed to be worn. If you can’t wear a shirt that covers your tail, so I can’t tell that you got some Aztec-print thongs on, you don’t need to be wearin’ ’em."
Fellow Vinglers, does she have a point? Is there a proper way to wear leggings? Should they never be worn as pants?
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Lmao, this woman is so quotable.
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@danidee this is FULL of quotables.. loved this one for sure. I can't wait for her next public announcement lol
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People have the right to their own body and clothing
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I've been saying the same thing for yeeeeeaaaars, leggings are /not/ trousers! don't wear them as one! it's like getting a long skirt and then wearing it as a dress. it might look alright to some people, but downright wrobg to others ( *hint hint* the majority is the "others")
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