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This the great anime Samurai Champloo. It was created by the same guy that made Cowboy Bebop. It revolves around an unlikely trio. Mugen is a fierce animal-like warrior with a unique fighting style. Jin has a more traditional style and the two samurai warriors are far from friends, yet their separate paths seem to cross anyway. Mugen is wandering aimlessly through the city when he stumbles upon a teahouse where he meets Jin and Fuu. After an altercation with the son of the governor of the town Jin and Mugen are set to be executed. Fuu says she would save them if they help her find a mysterious samurai that smells like sunflowers. They agree and that is how the story starts.
If you have seen it let me know what you thought of it and if there is anything similar you can recommend :-)
uummm does a bear shit in the woods? hell yea
I absolutely love this show. Don't get me wrong, I love Cowboy Bebop but I think I kinda fell in love with samurai Champloo more. everything from the action, the in-depth background stories of each character, the music, the MUSIC, and just the show in general. I love this show quite a bit. hell I wouldn't have found nujabes without this show.
bleach is a good one. not samurai, but sword and magic fights. nonetheless epic. and Sao. I'll pretty much watch anything so long as the action scenes are epic.
This is the anime that got me interested in samurai animes!
Best samurai related anime ive ever watched