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The abuse of power of police vs. citizens has been rough over the past couple of years. One thing I have learned is that shady police work come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds from different walks in life.
A young man named Cameron Ford caught wind of a shady arrest and began to film this week.When Atlanta cop “S. Morrison” wrongfully arresting a fellow Black man only to let him go once he noticed he was being filmed.
Ironically, Ford has allegedly had similar run-ins with the arresting officer.
Ford wrote on his YouTube:
"This video right here proves why you should ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE. This is the same very officer who trumped up charges on me stemming from an arrest days earlier."
"I saw the same officer arresting someone else for absolutely nothing. Several people got my attention saying that same cop is arresting a black male for NO REASON, I pulled out my camera and started documenting the arrest by filming from a distance. The Police Sgt,. on the bike (Sgt. Hall) advised the arresting officer, that I was filming, you see the officer look back at me with a sneaky mischievous grin and then you see him unhand-cuff the male and release him back into the wild."
This is truly sad. Why cuff the man if he isn't endangering people around him or he hasn't broke the law? This type of stuff needs to stop.
I'm glad finally people are seeing it's not just white people
Maybe this is a good case to show that cameras are helping police the police! I think we should have more car and body cams.
You're right, @christianmordi. It does need to stop.