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Courts across the United States has fought to keep grab jurors from all walks of life to secure a evenly called case.
Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens hasn't liked what he has saw as of late, and has been and has demanded a change. Unhappy with the number of potential black jurors called to his court last week, Stevens halted a drug trial and dismissed the entire jury panel, asking for a new group to be sent up.
“The concern is that the panel is not representative of the community,” said Stevens.“There is not a single African-American on this jury and (the defendant) is an African-American man,” Stevens said, according to a video of the trial. “I cannot in good conscious go forward with this jury.”
The odd part about this is the prosecutor and the defense object to the jury change. Now, the state Supreme Court is going to determine whether the judge is abusing his power. The lawyers argue that the judge may be abusing his power and that the jury as presented could have handled this trail.

Do you think balance should be the standard (as in race and financial status) or should it be a case by case basis?

He's the judge, so he's allowed to make that decision. If he wants balance, he should get it.
I think he's taking it too far. I wish one-day we don't see colour, only see people.