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What's so appealing about anime? Besides, you know... EVERYTHING?!?! The love you begin to feel for the characters you meet, the friendship you offer, (or would, had you been in an anime), or when something happens to them you don't just feel one emotion but a myriad of emotions... funny... i sound almost like an otaku.. hmmmm. cool. Well, I'm pretty new here, sooo nice to meet you all!!
I watched this Oran host club it was funny I ended up getting my girlfriend now ex onto anime. beck Mongolian chop squad also
My favorite character is actually probably haruhi. i love them all but shes a great individual tbh.
@Beeplzzz I noticed a lot of girls like this anime. because of all the guys. but to me there all player's it's cool I want to join there club
@DerrickAldana RIGHT. This show was what got me obsessed with anime, like gyaahhh.