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It's all about momentum, right?

Have the Mets had that stripped from them due to MLB scheduling?

The Mets enter the World Series as the hottest team on the planet.

They swept the Cubs in 4 games in the NLCS and smacked home run after home run, mixed in with some timely singles and great aggression on the basepaths. Not to mention their out-of-this-world pitching and the job done by closer Jeurys Familia.
Murphy has homered in six straight games going back to Game 4 of the NLDS with the Dodgers.
But now, by the time Tuesday's Game 1 rolls around, he, along with the rest of the team, will have had nearly a full week off without games.

That's too much time. I'm worried about momentum.

The Royals clinched a World Series birth on Friday, giving them a slight advantage over the Mets who clinched last Wednesday. In both cases, though, the teams have had quite a while off. There is no situation during the regular season, save for the four-day break for the All Star game in the middle of the summer, when teams have to deal with this much consecutive time off.

Baseball is a game of timing. Everyone knows that.

So I think we could see some slippy hitting at first. Sure, the players have been working out and taking batting practice since clinching. But there's a difference between batting practice and the real thing.
I'm worried about a guy like Murphy, who has been so in sync. Maybe the time off was too much for him and he won't be able to recover his form.
I think pitching will benefit. At this point in the season, both teams have pitching staffs full of tired arms. A full week off, basically the same as the entire staff missing a start, will certainly benefit both sides.

That's another reason I think we'll see low-scoring games: the pitching is rested, and the hitting will be rusty.

What do you guys think? Is a week off fair to the players? Good to have the rest, or bad to throw off the rhythm?

The time off undoubtedly will affect both teams, but the extent depends on how they are preparing. Last year, the Royals swept the Orioles in the ALCS, had six days off, and sputtered out of the gate in game 1. They will likely be better prepared because of that experience.
So I guess it provides a problem for both sides....hahaha
The Mets have a better starting rotation so I think a few days off is definitely going to be a plus for them. It really comes down to the batting as you've already mentioned. One good thing might be that the KC has a strong bullpen and the fact that they've used a lot of it can benefit the Mets for sure.
I do believe pitching will benefit from the time off jus gotta hope that there locked in at bp and let the games decide the victor! Go Mets
@jeff4122 if they've been practicing and game planning like a good team/ coaching staff sbould, I think they're ok. It's the Bigs. The bright lights shouldn't get to them too much at this point.
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