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Hot dogs and the term "mystery meat" go hand in hand.
Everyone wants to know what makes a hot-dog. Unfortunately our question has been answered. According to Clear Food, one of the "secret ingredients" in some hot-dogs is human DNA.

According to Clear Food, one out of every 50 hot dogs contain human DNA.

For those unfamiliar with Clear Food, the company is a new California food-analytics start-up whose mission is genetic-testing manufactured food to help fight all of the food-borne illnesses that are seemingly so common.

The researchers did tests on 345 hot dogs and sausages and they discovered that about 15 percent "were problematic in some way."

The report stated that 2% of meat hot-dogs presented "hygiene issues." I know there are some veggie people reading this who think they are scotch free. Let me burst that bubble real quick, as you guys have it worse. According to the report two-thirds of all veggie ones have the same hygiene issue.
Maybe it's best you leave hot-dogs alone until they get this fixed.
I'm suddenly glad I rarely have hot dogs. O.O
guess I'll just have burgers during this trying time
.......human DNA?
NO NO NO I love hot dogs :( I’m with you @TylerOrtega I’ll probably stick to hamburgers next...
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