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Nick Cannon Compares Chris Brown to Michael Jackson and 2Pac
We all love Chris Brown, but not as much as Nick Cannon.
Cannon hopped on social media this weekend to send VERY high praises to Chris Brown. According to Nick, Chris Brown is a blend of two of the greatest musicians of all time.
The two he chose though were quite shocking.
According to Nick Cannon, if you combine Micheal Jackson and 2Pac you get Chris Brown.
“Damn right I said it!” the caption began. “The level of talent, passion, and artistic ability that this young man possesses makes @ChrisBrownOfficial a true legend amongst legends.
Cannon goes on to explain the comparison further.“Think about how much everyone attacked MJ and 2Pac while they were alive…I don’t think I have ever witnessed someone more gifted, who has overcome so much and still growing and learning daily. My prayers go up for this dude everyday.”
Nick Cannon went off the deep end with this one.
While Chris Brown is an incredibly talented dancer and musician, to say he is on the same tier right now as Micheal Jackson or 2Pac is quite the stretch.
Time will tell where he ends, but right now he has some work to do in order to match us to those titans.
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But think about it. he's only saying CB is half of MJ and 2Pac
2 years ago·Reply
um no
2 years ago·Reply
Nope, to Nick Cannon... Chris Brown has talent yes but he has a hell of a long way to go before he holds that kind of weight. He did not even make it to his 30's yet ctfu. Nick you're precious Awwww
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