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Have you ever wonderd what would happan if everything that was keeping you above water was taken from you?? The very thing making your life worth living was taken from you? I have and let me tell you its hell on earth. Whats so sad is that I did not even relize what those things where untill they were taken from me. Its scary and sad and I hate the world for the things neither it or I could control but I had to blame someone one so why not something that cant fight back? It started when we moved at first I was excited but slowly a numbness set in when I relized I had no friends no one to talk to. The one thing I feared the most...being alone... and there was no escaping it. I coudent change what had happened so I let it eat me alive... to survive I became the beast. I turned on the people around me. I started to snap at everyone who got to close because I did not want to be hurt... I was a fool and it killed me slowly and painfully.
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Damn, I know how you feel. When I moved I left my old friends behind. I have a couple but try not to sometimes because pain is the price you pay for love. One of my friends committed suicide and it stabbed me. But you'll be ok😊 I will be your friend if you want.