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as you all know. my loves are making a comeback in 19 days. Yes. 19 days. are you ready? I know I am. as for someone who followed them ever since getting into kpop. I'm one proud BABY.
I was there cheering for them when they made their comeback with their first full album FIRST SENSIBILITY. I was cheering and congratulating them when they won their awards for 1004(Angel). I was keeping an eye on them when they were on their World Tour. I saw their sweat and tears through pictures that were taken by our fellow BABYz. I remember seeing them smile. it made my heart all warm and fuzzy.
Then suddenly I saw their smiles going away. little by little. it was breaking my heart. I saw how tired they were. Sometimes they looked super sick. I can imagine. being on tour, practicing, performing, not enough sleep, jet lagged, not eating right. They didn't have any breaks for three years. then the news popped out to me when I got on facebook. there it was 'B.A.P files a lawsuit against their company's. My heart wasn't ready for that kind of news. my heart was just crushed. I cried that whole night. I was depressed.
I followed them all throughout their lawsuit. I hated the company. and I still do. I saw their selfies. they looked more happy. more healthy. they finally had the break they deserved. I was sad of not seeing them on shows but it was better seeing them in their true colors. it was beautiful. and then on August 1st. the news broke. 'B.A.P to return to their company'. I didn't know how I felt about that. but I trust my boys. there had to be a reason why they went back. then they announced their comeback for 151115. my days got brighter. looking forward to their comeback. all these teasers that were released. I saved them all. because it didn't seem real. they're actually making a comeback. my loves are really coming back.
then my Gukkie unloaded this. and OMG.!! his voice.!!! I literally started crying.!!!! oh my gosh. it's his voice. it's really real. they really are making a comeback.!!! I'm beyond elated.!! I'm hoping for the best.!!! One of my dreams came true. B.A.P making a comeback.!! and it's only 19 days away.! (kinda long right. ^^ but I had to express my excitement.!) (pictures belong to their owner.)