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Hi guys! 👋🏻☺️ So I currently started watching City Hunter, and it's pretty good so far. I'm barely on episode 4 or 5 I believe. Tbh I only started watching it because of Lee min-ho right after I finished watching Boys Over Flowers Have you guys seen this drama? Or if you haven't would you watch it?
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@okawaiipika ^^ okay I'll def keep watching
2 years ago·Reply
I haven't seen it yet, but I would watch it. I have a lot I want to watch right now, but I might start it afterword.
2 years ago·Reply
It's a classic! Definitely a different Minho than the one we see in BBF :)
2 years ago·Reply
Love, Love, Love this drama/movie :D My first to see LMH in action :)
2 years ago·Reply
I love that drama 😍 my first Lee Min ho drama
2 years ago·Reply