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"Child prodigy Arima Kousei has taken the music world by storm with his almost inhumane way of playing a music exactly how it was meant to be played. Known as the 'human metronome' after the death of his mother he suffers a break down mid preformance and loses his ability to hear the music he plays. Fast forward two years and his world is completely monotone and grey until he meets a spirited violinist Kaori who shows him that there is both color and beauty to the world of music to be had" So I finished this anime. I was able to sit through a entire viewing of it, all 22 episodes. I have been told I cry too easily at Anime. That shouldn't take the plots so seriously or to heart. But why would I want to watch something that doesn't make me feel. This anime, even though the story isnt unique and the characters are ones we've seen before, is both beautiful and touching. It takes what could have been a very contrived plot and character base and breathes into a life into it. From the first episode it took me on a journey that I both cried, laughed and felt for the characters. As I mentioned in my Half way point impressions, I couldn't sit through my first viewing of it. I had to pause it since, yes I did cry. The story makes you feel for the characters as they struggle with there own problems and past aches in order to move forward into the newest chapter of their lives. This anime is a coming of age story that deals with adult situation like life and death, who you really are and what kind of person you want to be. All of this was was done in a way that I could almost believe I was hearing a story from a friend, which took me by surprise. I do wish that there had been some sort of trigger warning for the abuse one character suffers at the hands of a parent. But all the same it is handled with a sense that, no nothing can truly fix what has been done but there are things that make it better. The animation is by far the most gorgeous thing I've seen in. The softness of the backgrounds and the way the characters had been colored lets me believe I was watching a watercolor painting in motion. If i could but see more of that kind of attention to detail on anime it would wonderful. Combined with the music score, it was truly a stunning sight for the eyes. And even though I could see the ending a mile away, I still shed a few tears for it. This anime pull no punches, it is very straightforward I think. I will say the comedy wasn't always what you expected, but I think it was done that way because of all the heaviness the story held. Also there were points where the adults didn't seem believable to me but maybe it was because I was so enraptured by the stories of the other characters that they seemed to fade into the background. I do like when you can see adults in anime and they aren't following a preconceived trope. All in all this anime was well worth the watch. I definitely see why a friend of mine was so adamant about me watching it. Although I secretly think she just wanted to see me cry.