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Carnage is my favorite symbiote and his brutality and viciousness is what I'd want on a team of villains.
Professor Zoom is my speedster. Fast, cunning, and basically unstoppable.
The "Team Leader" is Magneto. He has great leading experience and his power is amazing and makes him a dangerous combatant. (We know there would be no true leader since they all would show who's better.)
Ultron. He just can't be trusted. But he's smart and one badass villain that knows to keep his secret plans Secret.
Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lantern Corps. With just a soul filled of hate, I'm sure he'd deny joining my Crew of Villains since he wouldn't be leading them.
And THAT is my Naughty Crew!! Thanks to @amobigbang for the challenge @LAVONYORK @shannonl5 Check out my team of baddies!
Ooooh excellent picks! Glad to see Ultron made your list ^_^
:3 Thanks 👍
I love your team! And the slap at the end works
love that gif at the end. Nice picks indeed.