Breaking news Have you guys heard YouTube has been blocking kpop mvs in parts of the us It seems that YouTube wants people to pay 10 dollars to watch the videos Honestly I don't think this is fair because YouTube is and should be a place where you don't have to pay to watch videos. My friends and I decide to do a campaign to try to stop this because it would really suck to not be available to watch our favorite groups mvs And we need help with it is you guys want to help us please leave a comment ☺️
I thought YouTube continues to be free but they created a YouTube red where you have to get a subscription and no ads I see no point really in doing something like that
I'm already helping! ;p!
this is stupid there basically saying we can watch a stupid cat bark like a dog for free but can't watch something that makes sense and we do care about unless we pay for it
thats sad, really youtube do you not got our life also you guys (youtube) are kpop fans only resource to kpop and kdramas (we for me at least) anyhoo if you did do that than sure im in
I use VPN so I can watch anything that's blocked but I use it just in case lol @MattK95
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