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I'm still getting used to this app it's so different from what I'm used to then again I'm not a big social media person when I make a card here it's gonna be a long rant about a lot of things so please don't push it out of whatever community I tag it in there is a part that is about you trust me I've seen some incredible art pieces and so much helpful info I'm grateful to you all just wish I was more forward and messaged people that catch my eye be it from there work there opinions or whatever it is that got me to notice them I'm just really shy I love manga anime philosophy and thinking about how to improve not only myself but this world and they are really the only things I can talk about so I apologize if that's not your thing I'm just looking for people who can relate to me and this app has a nice feeling almost like you can be at home I've seen it so please mind if you let me in as well? P.s I'm the god of anime xD
I'm new as well. For now, I've just been observing and clipping things to get a really good feel for #Vingle, and so far it has felt outstandingly homey. Love it. Sooner or later I'll be posting a lot of cards. I wish for you the best too 馃榾馃憤馃崁 P.S. I forgot what I or I by finally was going to say, haha 馃槄
ohh.. okay, I gotcha. haha
I mean new as in new to me haha and it's really people just having the power to ban your card from certain groups if they feel it doesn't pertain to said group that annoys me but I see it's uses
*I forgot what I originally was going to say* and you're welcome. What are the new rules?
Thank you kindly @ElizjahGrigsby hope you have fun here it's certainly one helluva ride and just gotta get the ball Rollin and you'll be on your way I'm Just not a fan of new rules haha