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So before the Block B US Tour, I wanted to do a dance cover, but I decided to do it a little different than my past dance covers. So I'm going to cover this dance that B-Bomb and choreographer Repter did cuz its really cool and to the song Lol by Zico & Kyung! This is kinda fast...but I've almost got all the choreography down!! ✌ but since it's so short I decided to do a little mashup of Block B songs/dances as well as incorporate some of my own choreography! I THINK it will turn out ok~ Hip Hop isn't my forte of dance but its fun so ima do it! I should have it all done, recorded, and posted by the end of next week is the plan! ^^
wahhh~ daebak great dance it was actually good
@katiems it's ok haha
@taetaebaozi thank you so much <3 sorry I replied late. just not saw your comment!! but really thank you~