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Hey guys, so I wanted to to a blog of how I got into anime because well, I'm still "new". I started watching anime back in summer 2012. The last show I ever watched was Dragon Ball Z in 1999.
At that time, I didn't know there was a manga version and didn't know what a manga is. I don't remember how I lost interest in Dragon Ball Z, it was a freaking awesome show. I preferred the other cartoon like Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Hey Arnold, Danny Phantom and plenty more. These cartoon were 10 times than today's cartoon (just saying). Anyway, 13 years later, one particular anime made me come back into anime is Naruto.
In summer 2012, I was a normal highschool student on the final months until graduatio n. One of my friends told me about Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh, there were only a few people who watches anime. He told that you need to watch Naruto and I was like " what", Naruto? What is that?. He said "it is a freaking awesome anime, go watch it now" I was like nah..I'm not into anime anymore. He kept saying the same thing over and over agian for about about fews days. I said, " alright I'll watch it, only if you shut up". I went to my living room and I play it on Netflix. The first few episodes I was like all bored . Around 10 or 15 episodes, I was like holy shit. ( Excuse for my language) I was watching it all night long nonstop untill 5am. Then I noticed I have school in 3 hours. I said oh well, it was worth it lol.
I watched every episodes including fillers, yeah. After that I didn't know there was a part 2. I was like omg im so behind . Later, I learned that there was a Naruto manga, I didn't want read it because, it required reading lol.
So I decided to "read" the manga because I was curious of what happen next instead of waiting each week. Naruto is the only anime that makes me want to others like SAO, HighSchool DxD, and Kuroko no Basuke. I wouldn't be typing all this if I wasn't for Naruto. I'm glad I'm an anime watcher. Naruto Shippuden is ending soon and I can't live without it. Anyway thank you Masashi Kishimoto.
I hope you guys enjoy this random story✌
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Well there's still going to be the spin off series. Im excited for Kakashi's story!
naruto was like what dbz is to me now when I first started anime, it was meh. then shippuden came, and I was hooked for a while. if it wasn't for the fillers, I would be a crazy anime fan.
No matter how many years pass. Anime shows are now getting better at their drawing.
Naruto was first ever anime that came out I was only 8 when I started watching anime or when ever I first came out
yes im sad that its ending i love it so much i could re-watch it over n over again n i wouldn't get bored. thank you Masashi Kishimoto for this wonderful anime