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I just downloaded a Korean keyboard. I feel like this will help in my process of trying to learn Korean. So if you see some Korean writing in a comment from me don't be alramed lol :) ㅠㅛㄷ(bye)!!
I have a Korean keyboard on my phone and one set up in my MacBook
I have one downloaded too!!! I'm learning little by little until I can afford Rosetta Stone lol.
i have Living Language its just as good as Rosetta Stone and its cheap
@glo86 ah, Rosetta Stone is useless, as said by my friend. It's a lot cheaper if you get taught by a fluent speaker. Currently I'm doing a learn-Korean card series, so you can follow that :) But honestly, Rosetta Stone IS useless. It's not very helpful. (I'm Japanese; I looked at my friend's Japanese session for Rosetta Stone, and it was completely useless)