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Meant to do this last week but life and studies got in the way so here it is now.
Yes or No? How do you feel about this song?
So this is the full song with the lyrics.....
This song gets a Maybe from me
Only because I like it. Duh...why else would it get a Maybe.. But seriously the lyrics, the beat, and the three unique rappers with amazing voices and their different styles of rap. Can we talk about how amazing The Quiett is for a second.
The Quiett's voice is forever smooth and soft. The way he slightly slows down the fast paced beat with his soft voice and kinda slow (but not really slow) rapping style.....I had to listen to this song a couple of times to figure out how he did that. FYI: The beat doesn't slow down but The Quiett matches it's pace perfectly with his own style.
The lyrics are amazing and The amazing.
Penomeco....I don't know this kid....Sorry but I haven't got time to do much of anything right now. But I do know of a couple of other songs he featured in but I still don't know much about him.....But on that note I am slightly iffy about his part. It must be his slightly higher voice or because he is the only one I'm not familiar with. I wasn't expecting his high voice. It also sounds annoying. Fortunately the annoying high voice doesn't last long during his part (or maybe it does....) and I can enjoy his verse.
Zico.......uhhhhhm what can I say. It's his song and he can rock it anyway he wants. No but seriously, Zico forever continues to hold himself up high in my books with his lyrics.
But this song leaves me wanting some how. Anyone feeling the huge absence of Paloalto.....
Who else wants a version of this to appear on Zico's next album......or at least with this single??
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oh in the v zico said he didn't want to bore his fans with a very long animationt
2 years ago·Reply
I like animation so it wouldn't have mattered either way @CreeTheOtaku but it was cool that it was animation in the first place
2 years ago·Reply
yeah I'm kinda jealous of the creator for making such a cool mv
2 years ago·Reply
Loved this song since i saw it performed on smtm. So fcking catchy.
2 years ago·Reply
that and Okey dokey was catchy af
2 years ago·Reply