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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything list off there feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off the facts. I was actually supposed to do this episode and a different Versus Battle today but, I've been busy and tired so, let's get started.
Combatant one: Sanji Master of the Black Leg martial arts style. Sanji casually kicks parts of a building towards Oz. Can casually break a Pacifistas neck. Possesses Armament Haki. Early in the series can dodge fully automatic gun fire. Observation Haki. Can fly using Skywalk. Has the ability to heat up his body on fire. Clever in a fight.
Combatant two: Lee Master at Tai Jutsu alone. Young Lee hits hard enough to send shockwaves, rip up roots, 4th gate turns ground to rubble just by running, does 199 one arm push ups despite a shattered arm and leg, 1st gate capable of bending or breaking Kimimaro's bones which are hard as steel, able to hit Gaara with tai jutsu alone, and punches and kicks Gaara's sand which is hard as steel. Wears weights able to shatter solid concrete (able to remove and enhance speed) Highest Gate he can access is 6th. Strong technique Morning Peacock, flurry of punches on fire. In the Last he punches a meteorite in half while in the 6th gate.
WINNER: Lee Lee had sooo many feats I didn't even include them all and that was young Lee. Tai Jutsu is much more diverse and powerful than Black Leg martial arts, it consists of blows from chakra. Lee is nowhere near as intelligent as Sanji but, he was born to fight and is constantly training. I will admit that Sanji's speed feats are impressive but, young Lee is enough to at least match it also, Sanji can use Haki but, nowhere near the level as Luffy's or someone who's Haki is visible, young Lee has also shattered jutsu's harder than steel. The gates have also been shown to hit the air so hard that the wind itself is capable of dealing massive damage. Lee has also never been shown to remove his weights in Shippuden. Lee may only be capable of accessing 6 of the 8 gates but, 6 is more than enough.
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Rock lee of course he has chakar but not only that he has the gates which makes him extremely powerful sure sanji has haki but lee is by far stronger also lee used his hands πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ‘