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Please show your support by visiting her site and learning even more. "Kelley is a concept artist and illustrator creating unusual things around the Bay Area, California. She currently works for Disney Interactive as a character artist. Other clients include Paizo, Sideshow Collectables, Disney Interactive Media Group, Spectrum 15, Ballistic Publishing for Exotique 5 & 6, Imagine Publishing Corel Painter Magazine / Digital Art Magazine, Fantasy Flight Games, and Visions Found. Most used materials include graphite on marker paper, Corel Painter X, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator CS5, Oils." Site: [http://krhart.com/]
i find it astonishing that ppl can express their creativity thru drawings or any form of art work, i applaud their actions b/c me, im so talent-less, lolz
Sigh, it's all good sis. You're not talent-less, your talents just lay elsewhere. I also find all of this amazing. If only we could stream our ideas onto paper magically.