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Important Decision
Photographer: Kemal Kamil Source: [http://1x.com/member/chokolattewaffle]
why is the title important decision?
4 years ago·Reply
@soula81 I'm not sure myself. XD It was the title of the picture when I found it so I kept it. Maybe...it's a wedding theme? (O_o)
4 years ago·Reply
oh ic, very pretty bride
4 years ago·Reply
she doesnt look like a bride to me, but she looks unhappy and as if she's contemplating about something.......therefore i can see why its titled 'important decision'....
4 years ago·Reply
You also bring up a very good viewpoint, sis. Yeah, I could totally see that too. It's such a pretty picture, even though she looks downcast.
4 years ago·Reply