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I feel like I have friends that love Kpop but not a lot of them.. I need more friends that love kpop haha :) If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. Line: cheekie1 Kakao Talk: mikadoll1 Kik: hotstuffmuffin__ (2 underscores) Twitter: @ bitemeh_xx IG: awesome_sweet_lovin ❤❤❤
@Ercurrent yes! Everyday, another BTS member tries to wreck my bias for Tae and Jackson too! I think my main BTS wrecker is Jungkook. That kid, I swear lol @parktaemi
yugyeom, mino from winner, rap monster, lay, d.o, chanyeol, xiumin, ravi, ken, N, jackson, l.joe, etc etc man the list goes on my head is about to burst lol
that's awesome xD My ult bias is suga but lately jin is trying to be a bias wrecker omg lol @LexTay327
@LexTay327 exactly. My little sister is happy about it but I just feel like a creep😂
@Ercurrent only when all of the groups that are coming out have members born 96/97 or younger do I think ouch Noona is going to be a permanent thing😂
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