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I love Historical Dramas.. and I am currently watching this one. Is based on true events I believe... As soon as I heard that Yoo Ah In was going to be the main character Here. I said I can not missed Yoo Ah In is a great actor I watch most of his dramas.. some of his films Dramafever or Viki doesn't have them.. well if you are a Yoo Ah In fan watch far I love this drama..the entire repertoire of actor and actress is great.
Yasss this is one good drama that is giving me the feelllzzzz
omg it looks like a great cast! do you know a bit of the plot!? I want to watch a historical drama after finishing I Remember You :D
@kpopandkimchi I do but I don't want to spoil it.. is about the 6 of them fighting for their political view when Joeson Dynasty was starting. ..Yoo Ah In will be the 3rd king of Joeson