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Chapter 3- Camp Squad Unite!!!

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Jin and Jimin looked at them with curiosity and with a little fear. "Trust me they're not that bad..." I said not even believing myself. Jin looked at me, "We'll go fetch the other members and come back. That'll give you time to catch up with your friends." God..I wanted to kiss him but I just replied with a simple thanks. He took one last at my friends who were speeding up and smiled then turned and walked away following Jimin. As I turned my attention back to my friends I felt a sharp pang in my head. I grabbed my head as I felt a sudden flash of pain that almost blinded me. My ears were ringing but I could still hear Glo's voice telling them to calm down. Telling them that I was gonna be alright... I wasn't alright. ****** I woke up again. I looked around.. this wasn't my room..what is going on..?? In an instant Marisol was on top of me. "You're awake!!! Aww I always knew you were a fighter!!" she said while hugging me through the mattress. Glo and Aimmee came in. As Aimee was preparing to join Marisol in squishing me Glo stopped her and told Marisol to get off. "Ya you're gonna knock her out again if you keep that up!! Be more careful with my unnie!" Marisol looked at me, "I'm just glad you're alright. I hope I didn't hurt you." Aimee then gave me a hug and so did Glo. "So start from the beginning. Tell us everything." Glo demanded.
After I had finished my crazy tale we all set solemn and I wished someone would break the silence. I silently thanked Marisol for finally speaking up. "Wow that's a lot to take in. Don't worry Kiara we'll find that fan who hit you and teach her some manners!!" She looked at Aimee and Glo, "Right guys?". Glo and Aimee just stared at her. Marisol slumped in her chair, "You guys are no fun." Aimee turned to me, "I'm just glad you're okay but what about your..."she trailed off as she motioned to my legs. I tried not to cry as I choked out, "They're just for show now I guess." I forced a fake laugh. Glo placed a hand on my shoulder and squeezed, "It doesn't matter. You're okay." I nodded, "Can we go back to my room?" Glo smiled, "Sure we just put you in this one because it was open.".
On our way back while Aimee was pushing me and Glo was busy on her phone, Marisol was busy planning how to make pimp out my wheelchair. "Ooh we can have pink streamers since you like Jin so much!!" Me and Glo agreed with that. Aimee suggested Namjoon too. Marisol shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah why not? But we can't forget my Jinyongi." We all laughed at that. "Okay we're gonna do this!! Everybody put your hands in!!" I said. We placed our hands on top of each other. "Okay on three girls.." Marisol whispered. We all nodded in understanding. "One..two..three!!" "CAMP SQUAD FOREVER!!!" we all yelled.
We laughed as we got to my room. Marisol opened the door and walked in but immediately stopped. Aimee didn't notice and I rammed into her with my wheelchair. "Marisol why'd you stop! I almost.." Aimee suddenly gasped. "...Is that?" I looked towards my bed surprised to see someone on it. Right there on my bed in a deep sleep was BTS very own sleepy head, Suga.
You have my Unnie to a tee lmao @Marilovexoxo
@Marilovexoxo @AimeeH @glo86 lol #CAMPSQUAD is officially a real thing now XD
I think you did great unnie! I can't wait for the next chapter and I like how you added your friends on Vingle! I love the part where Jimin came in! Probably because he is my bias from BTS but oh well! I hope you have fun making the rest of the chapters and if you need any ideas I'm always looking to help people!
lol yes #CampSquadForever @AimeeH @thePinkPrincess @glo86
@thePinkPrincess @Mariloveexoexo @glo86 I'M OFFICIALLY OKAY WITH THAT
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